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Why you should plant trees in square holes | James Wong1h 44m Why you should plant trees in square holes | James Wong
Change the way you dig and you’ll grow better, stronger trees Planting a tree is one of the easiest ways you can make a lasting difference to your local environment and, depending on the species, enjoy decades of flowers, fruit and autumn colour – all in return for a modest outlay and a few minutes’ work. Although putting a tree in the ground might not sound like rocket science, in recent decades scientific research has overhauled much of the traditional wisdom about planting saplings, including some ideas that sound a little strange. So, let me explain why science proves that it’s better to plant trees in square holes.
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The last nasturtiums hold the key to spring planting | Allan Jenkins3h The last nasturtiums hold the key to spring planting | Allan Jenkins
The tenacious flowers still face off against December’s cold days, so it’s time to plan for next year’s long campaign of colour It seems barely possible. Kala’s nasturtiums are literally clinging on into December. They have again colonised her neighbours’ fence, clambering over the top, reaching down to the ground, some stems around 12ft long. Even though the residents have repelled the invaders more than once. To no avail. Their wall is a cascade of orange vitality. Until a sustained heavy frost, at least. The allotment is situated higher up, at the top of Hampstead Heath. Sheltered in a scoop, entirely surrounded by tall trees, it is capable of holding in heat and cold. There, most nasturtiums have already succumbed. Carcasses of frost-twisted tendrils and red petals are curled on the ground. At the other end of the plot, some late-sown climbers from the
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Dreaming of a green Christmas: make your own sustainable tree17h Dreaming of a green Christmas: make your own sustainable tree
Upcycled bike wheels, shredded magazines and papier-mâché baubles… We challenged three eco-minded creators to design a festive tree – with spectacular results Sustainability and seasonality are two guiding principles in the work of Kent-based stylist Hannah Bullivant. “I don’t want to create pretty things that then end up in landfill. I don’t want to add to that problem,” she explains. Her work – which encompasses event styling, creative workshops and interior styling projects – wholeheartedly embraces the storied and the secondhand. So, when asked to create a sustainable tree, she immediately headed outside.
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We need to learn how to relax, without guilt18h We need to learn how to relax, without guilt
Being busy all the time is part of the way we live. But, whether gardening, reading or spacing out on the sofa, taking time to rest is just as important I’m not very good at resting. When I told friends that after writing books covering emotions, time perception and the psychology of money I had started writing one on rest, their first reaction was usually, “But you’re always working. You never
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How to grow rowan trees | Alys Fowler22h How to grow rowan trees | Alys Fowler
Sorbus are easy to grow and their gorgeous berries provide a visual winter feast On an unobtrusive corner of my neighbourhood is a tree so good I have taken to pointing it out to anyone I am with, and sometimes even random strangers. It sits at the bottom of a terraced garden and, from autumn into winter, is decked in the most gorgeous berries.
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