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How to make amazing living plant pictures23h How to make amazing living plant pictures
You’ll need cork bark, moss, nylon fishing line and a little manual dexterity: the results will be thrilling A few months ago I began experimenting with a traditional southeast Asian technique for mounting living plants on slabs of timber to be hung like pictures on a wall. A novel way to display houseplants that naturally grow on trees in the wild, I thought, and sort of a playful protest to the newly on-trend revival of taxidermy. Instead of a dead animal, why not mount a living plant? Surprisingly, many of you on social media have asked for a “how to” on my “plantidermy”, so here it is. This is a sort of a playful version of taxidermy. Instead of a dead animal, why not mount a living plant?
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Barns, beams and a French bulldog on the Welsh borders23h Barns, beams and a French bulldog on the Welsh borders
Escaping the capital for rural Hereford, offers the chance to bring a wonderful old farm back to life There were moments when Adriaan Koppens doubted the wisdom of restoring a rundown farm in Herefordshire. Winter nights were the worst as gales whistled down from the Welsh mountains and branches rattled against the caravan where he sheltered during the project. But the next day, when the clouds lifted, revealing frosted hawthorns and sheep-speckled fields, Koppens remembered why he and his partner, Stéphane Girod, an economist, had chosen to leave London: “This is a special place. Because it’s been isolated for centuries it still feels unspoilt, not overgentrified.”
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