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On my radar: Richard Sennett’s cultural highlights7h On my radar: Richard Sennett’s cultural highlights
The American sociologist on climate-change art, Janáček’s quartets and having a black thumb
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Vegetables that keep on giving, year after year | James Wong11h Vegetables that keep on giving, year after year | James Wong
Perennial crops, like artichokes, asparagus and rhubarb, can produce continual harvests from a single planting for decades at a time Finally! The first signs of spring are on the horizon. I’ll have to wait a while before I can sow batch after batch of the annual crops, like lettuce, carrots and beans, but there is one group that can be planted now that will give greater harvests for just a fraction of the work. Weirdly, they also tend to be more expensive and harder to track down in the shops: a pretty sweet deal when it comes to the effort/reward ratio, really. These are the perennial crops, like artichokes, asparagus and even rhubarb, that from a single planting can produce continual harvests for decades at a time. They won’t require the annual ritual of digging, sowing and transplanting each spring, not to mention the drudgery of digging them up and composting each autumn. If you haven’t already dedicated a corner of your patch to these horticultural superstars, now is a perfect time to get planting. If you have, here are three less well-known, but equally tasty, perennial crops.
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Character study: second lease of life for a Victorian home11h Character study: second lease of life for a Victorian home
New rooms filled with old furniture take this north London terrace back to its roots Couple moves into dilapidated Victorian terrace; couple gets the builders in. So far, so familiar. But from that point onwards, Emilie Fournet and Ben Pester did things a bit differently. Instead of the standard revamp – knock down walls, add a blocky extension on the back – they did the reverse. They reinstated some internal walls, turning what had been an open-plan space back into a traditional hallway and a separate living room. And rather than build on to the back, they removed a large chunk of an existing extension. “The house is now much closer to its original layout,” says Emilie, “it feels much more in proportion.”
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Flowers with meaning | Allan Jenkins11h Flowers with meaning | Allan Jenkins
We all know everyone has a significant song in their life, but a special flower can be rich with emotion, too
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Ask Real Estate: A Snoring Neighbor Causes Sleepless Nights26h Ask Real Estate: A Snoring Neighbor Causes Sleepless Nights
What can be done about the snoring noises that can be heard from another apartment?
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Isas: what are the best deals now interest rates are low?26h Isas: what are the best deals now interest rates are low?
Cash Isas are falling out of favour – but there are deals to be found if you can lock money away It’s tough for savers: the best-paying easy-access cash Isas – from Virgin Money and Leeds building society – pay just 1.21% interest. Meanwhile, official data earlier this month showed that inflation
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Is it worth buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?26h Updated Is it worth buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?
Will pricey brands such as Dyson really pick up the dirt, or should I stick with a conventional one?
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How to grow parsley | Alys Fowler30h How to grow parsley | Alys Fowler
Our gardening expert on how to get the best crop of this popular herb That clean, green, mineral-like flavour of flat-leaf parsley in winter, particularly in salads, is one of the ways I hold dear to getting through the darker months. It’s rich in iron, vitamin A and C, several B complexes, packed with flavonoids and has a long history of aiding digestion. For such a health-giving herb, parsley has long been marred by strange superstitions and devilish ways. Apparently, one of the reasons it is notoriously slow to germinate (and it can take over a month) is because the seed has to visit the devil several times first, often forgetting to come back from the underworld. In reality, this is just the vagaries of being in the Apiaceae family: it is notorious for having seed with underdeveloped embryos, which results in patchy germination.
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Gardens: what to do this week30h Updated Gardens: what to do this week
Plant a star magnolia, visit the Camellia Show, prune your winter jasmine
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Ready, get set, plant: a gardener’s year starts here30h Ready, get set, plant: a gardener’s year starts here
Hardy annuals to sow, bulbs to buy, pots to pick, snowdrops to split… now is the time to get plans in gear Gardeners, rejoice! We’re on the brink of spring. And although it is still officially winter in the UK for another week or so at least – depending on whether you talk to a meteorologist or an astronomer,
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‘Lloyds ruined my trip of a lifetime’32h Updated ‘Lloyds ruined my trip of a lifetime’
The bank blocked the only card a Guardian feature writer had while on holiday in the USCongratulations to Lloyds Bank for launching a timely mental health awareness campaign this month. In the Channel 4 adverts, famous people (including Jeremy Paxman and Victoria Pendleton) and members of the public, wear sticky notes on their heads featuring words and phrases such as bipolar disorder, agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. The voiceover tells us: “Mental health problems affect one in four of our customers, of our staff, of everyone. Let’s get it out in the open. Lloyds Bank – by your side.” Of course we should get it out in the open. So let’s start with Lloyds Bank, and how it has contributed to my mental health problems by relying too heavily on algorithms and too little on human staff.
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‘I’m 37, I’m dying and this is how I spend it’32h Updated ‘I’m 37, I’m dying and this is how I spend it’
Former recruitment consultant Rob Anderson on how he organises his finances – and why he isn’t keen on bucket lists I live in the East End of London and own my flat. I have a brain tumour. I’m dying – it’s inoperable, and I’m halfway through my third round of chemo. I try to live my life to the full, in four-week sprints, with a round of chemo coming up every month.
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Metro bank refuses to refund scammed customer32h Updated Metro bank refuses to refund scammed customer
Bank accuses businessman of gross negligence after his account is cleared of £20,000Metro bank is one of the fastest-expanding new banks in Britain, aiming for 100 branches. But what if your account falls victim to fraud? One customer says he is outraged after Metro refused to refund £20,000 stolen from his account, despite accepting he did not authorise the payments. Paul Graham*, a Kent-based businessman, lost £20,000 after fraudsters were able to go into the Brixton, south London branch of mobile phone company EE and take over his phone account, which they used to set up a series of new online payments, that subsequently emptied his Metro account.
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Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s new ‘easyIsa’ offers a 4% return32h Updated Stelios Haji-Ioannou’s new ‘easyIsa’ offers a 4% return
The ‘innovative’ savings product is expected to excite investors – but it is not risk-freeHis business empire spans everything from low-cost flights, hotels and buses to coffee shops, dog-walking and groceries. Now Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou is moving into the world of savings and investment with an Isa paying a headline-grabbing 4.05%. But this is far from a risk-free investment. The billionaire founder of easyJet is launching (or rather, relaunching) a financial services arm called – what else? – easyMoney, and the Isa being unveiled on Saturday is the first of many planned products.
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Where to move for… football teams33h Where to move for… football teams
London has the greatest number of teams, of course. But where are the locals most soccer-mad? A schoolfriend spent so much time at Arsenal games, his mum once yelled at him: “You should bloody well move into Highbury.” (She’d had a trying day.) Don’t tempt him, I thought to myself. Wealthier fans saw such fantasies come true in 2005 when flats in the old stadium went on sale. Every other football fan, alas, will have to settle for a little more distance between their sofas and the six-yard box. For sheer number of teams: move to London. Boring! For sheer number per capita: the plot thickens. The Telegraph’s
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